BCITO Skills Summit - building your people plan

To discuss the dire shortage of people in NZ’s construction industry, BCITO’s first ever Skills Summit was held in Wellington on 22 October.   This was a special event where all industry sectors’ National Advisory Group members and other key stakeholders came together to consider the facts and find a way forward.

The key message of the day was simple: we’re running out of people. As an industry, we are not geared to deliver on the amount of construction work in the pipeline. Alarmingly, the situation is set to get much worse as a large part of the industry enters retirement years, while fewer young people are available to take their place.

Presenters delivered the following sobering facts:

  • Current and projected growth in Auckland is unprecedented.
  • Demand in 2017 for new houses is 28,000. Currently, we can only build 15,000.
  • We need to build an accurate picture of the current skills and capabilities of each industry sector’s workforce in order to understand exactly how we’re going to meet future requirements and curb skills shortages.
  • There is a shrinking pool of young people and school leavers from which to choose new recruits.
  • Greater workforce diversity is required to be able to meet labour requirements.
  • The industry’s skilled workforce is ageing quickly and exiting the industry.
  • The current rate of industry training does not match demand, which will continue to grow.
  • Industry needs to actively work to attract people and to keep them for a longer period of time. We need to make sure that people understand that construction offers a career – not just a job.

Presentations from the event can be viewed here:

Gareth Kiernan, Chief Forecaster/Operations Director Infometrics - Construction market forecast.

Ruma Karaitiana, Chief Executive, BCITO presents on BCITO's performance in 2015

Hon Dr Nick Smith formally launches BCITO's Strategic Workforce Development Framework

Ruma Karaitiana, details of BCITO's Strategic Workforce Development Plan

Josh Williams, Chief Executive, Industry Training Federation (ITF) - Where ITOs fit in the economy in 2016 and beyond.

Employer Panel – a range of informative perspectives of how diversity features in the business models of several SMEs.

Kevin Bryant & Adam Barker present research findings on payback for employers who invest in industry training.

Dale Williams - Building youth success in the community

Kevin Sceats, Chair, BCITO & Martin Eadie, MC - Challenges and Takeaways from this event.

Overall a thought-provoking and interesting day was had by all who attended. BCITO would like to thank all those industry people who attended or contributed in some way to help make this day a huge success.

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