Introducing BCITO's Industry Advocates

In 2015 we’ve brought together all services that engage directly with industry into a new Stakeholder Engagement Group, which includes research, marketing, and communications functions.  Importantly, this group includes a new team of Industry Advocates. 

Industry Advocates will be the primary contact for, and will manage strategic relationships with key industry stakeholders and BCITO. Tasked with making sure the strategic goals of industry are well understood and achieved by our wider organisation, they’ll liaise and consult directly with industry leaders in each of industries they look after.

Helen Hines-Randall

Helen Hines-Randall

Helen is the Industry Advocate covering Carpentry, Frame & Truss and Interior Systems. Helen has been a Senior Project Manager in the BCITO Qualifications team for over 6 years. She has been heavily involved in the qualification review/development for Flooring and Wall Tiling, Frame and Truss Manufacture, Frame and Truss Detailing, Construction Foundations, Painting and Decorating, higher level supervisor qualifications and three Diplomas covering Architectural Technology, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying. Prior to joining BCITO, Helen was the Marketing Communications Manager at Site Safe New Zealand. Contact Helen.

Angela Lewes

angela_lewes.jpgAngela has worked within the construction industry for the last 9 years as a project manager. She is looking forward to being part of a team within the BCITO whose role is to listen, and help provide the best possible educational pathways for apprentices from various trades.

Since joining BCITO, Angela has been working on the qualification for the Stonemasonry trades and she is very excited to continue this relationship within her the new role.

In her busy life she tries to find time to squeeze in some travel combined with volunteer work to assist people in less fortunate situations in our global community. 

Angela is the Industry Advocate covering Brick & Block Laying, Masonry, Exterior Plastering and Concrete. Contact Angela.

Deb Paul


Deb has most recently been part of the BCITO Specialist Trades review team as a Senior Project Manager. Previously with the Joinery ITO for twelve years, Deb looked after the timber joinery, glass and glazing, aluminium joinery and kitchen and bathroom design sectors. Capitalising on her extensive educational knowledge and experience, she is a self-appointed ‘arm-chair’ rugby referee, cricket umpire and advisor for all televised sport which consumes most of her leisure time. 

Deb is the Industry Advocate covering Flooring, Floor & Wall Tiling and Painting & Decorating. Contact Deb.

Ali Wright


Ali joined BCITO at the beginning of 2014 having worked for the Flooring & Painting ITO for 15 years. She has held a variety of roles including Training Manager and Qualifications & Quality Assurance Manager.

Ali is a qualified primary school teacher with a particular interest in curriculum design and quality management. She holds a Bachelor of Education, and a Certificate in Quality Assurance from the New Zealand Organisation for Quality.

Ali is a passionate supporter of industry training and is very aware of the key role that quality training plays in the construction industries. As an experienced ITO manager, she is well placed to understand the importance of managing strategic relationships between key industry stakeholders and BCITO. Ali is looking forward to working with the industries under her coverage.

Ali is the Industry Advocate covering Architectural Aluminium Joinery, Joinery, Glass & Glazing and Kitchen/Bathroom Design. Contact Ali.

BCITO’s Industry Advocates look forward to building on our close relationships with associations and groups to further support and enhance the educational goals of your industry. Please get in touch with them to discuss any aspect of BCITO’s specific initiatives for your industry in 2015.

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