What it costs and how long it takes

Doing an apprenticeship is a lot cheaper than other forms of study because you earn a wage while learning on site. The cost of your apprenticeship depends on your choice of trade. Check out our trade options for a specific cost breakdown for your preferred trade qualification.

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Free fees for 2 years of your apprenticeship

The Government’s fees-free policy came into effect on 1 January 2018. So, if you’re thinking of enrolling in a building and construction apprenticeship, you may be eligible to have your first 2 years of training fees paid by the Government.

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How much are the fees?

Most BCITO trade qualifications cost $2,500-$4,500 in total. These fees are made up of an annual fee for each year you’re in training.

If you are required to attend off-job training, these fees are invoiced separately and are not included in the annual fees stated above.

What the fees cover

The fees cover:

  • Your workbooks and BCITO learning resources

  • Your BCITO training advisor's time, which includes:

    • mentoring

    • assessments

    • site visits (four per year)

    • progress reporting

When do I need to pay?

Fees are charged annually on the day you sign up. You can pay the full amount due upfront or pay by regular instalment via direct debit. This is put in place when you sign your training agreement. Unpaid fees may result in your training agreement being cancelled, or you could be referred to a credit agency for collection.

If you take advantage of the Government's Fees Free scheme then you won't be charged any fees until the beginning of the third year of your apprenticeship. 

Who pays what?

It's important to discuss payment of your BCITO fees with your employer before you begin your apprenticeship. Some employers will pay a portion of the fees upfront and have their apprentices pay them back. Others will expect you to pay the fees yourself.

How long will an apprenticeship take?

The length of your apprenticeship depends on the range of skills you can learn with your employer, and how quickly you master them. The average length of time is 3-4 years. It is common to change employers to gain the necessary skills to complete your apprenticeship.