Pathways into an apprenticeship

You may be able to start an apprenticeship from your current job if you’re already working in the industry, or directly from school. A pretrade qualification is not necessary to do an apprenticeship – save yourself time and money by getting straight into it.

Start your apprenticeship

We might be able to help you find an apprenticeship now. Register online to get started – it only takes a few minutes.


Vocational pathways

Vocational pathways help students and prospective employers tailor their NCEA level 2 studies to the skills required in a particular industry, such as construction and infrastructure.


Gateway is a programme that allows Year 11-13 students to get practical workplace training while they’re still at school. Students can gain NCEA assessment standards to recognise the skills they learn on the job.

On-the-job training

If you already have a job in a trade, doing an apprenticeship helps you gain a professional qualification to recognise skills you’re learning on the job anyway. Talk to your employer about it or give us a call directly.