What to expect on the job

All building and construction jobs require that you work hard and take on a range of responsibilities. Show that you're professional and hardworking from day one and you can take your career as far as you want.

BCITO apprentices tell us about their goals for the future once they get qualified. There's endless opportunities in building and construction.

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Employers are looking for the best

A good apprentice will make the most of their apprenticeship to set themselves up for a lifelong career. They'll show their employer they're:

  • motivated to learn
  • professional and reliable
  • determined
  • consistent
  • proud of the work.

Listen to employers talk about what they expect from apprentices

There’s a bit of mud, sweat and hard work involved

As as an apprentice you'll be expected to:

  • start early or finish late (depending on the job)
  • be comfortable around tools and machinery
  • maintain your tools – your tool box is your livelihood
  • travel to various job sites
  • work outside or inside
  • work on large long-term projects or small repair jobs
  • stick to deadlines
  • work in noisy or dirty conditions
  • do lifting and bending – you’ll need to be fit and healthy
  • work hard and concentrate for extended periods of time
  • be accurate – other tradespeople rely on your measurements or quantities
  • work closely with other tradespeople and professionals
  • work both on your own and as part of a team – listen and communicate well
  • working at heights or in confined spaces
  • follow health and safety guidelines.