Tips for getting a job

You need a job before you can start an apprenticeship – be well prepared to improve your chances. If you've got your driver licence and could use some help getting a job, complete our work profile form so we can match you with an employer.

Start your apprenticeship

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Be proactive

Speak to anyone who might help you get a foot in the door – family, friends, teachers or career advisors. Look at the job listings on Trade Me and Seek, or in your local newspaper.

Get whatever work experience you can

Do some summer work or labouring to gain experience and show future employers you’re motivated to work. Always ask for a reference when you finish a job.

Maintain a clean driver licence

Most employers need you to have a licence. It helps if you have your own vehicle and you’re comfortable backing a trailer.

Make a good CV

Include your NCEA Record of Achievement, any work experience you’ve had, and some references. Visit Careers New Zealand for some great tips on CV writing. If you’re still at school, ask your careers advisor for help.

Make the best of your job interview

A good apprentice should:

  • dress smartly
  • arrive on time
  • give clear answers
  • give a firm, confident handshake
  • make sure you say you want a career in the industry and that you want to do an apprenticeship.

Consider relocation

Keep your options open for relocation – at the moment there’s huge demand for apprentices in Auckland.