A building & construction career is a great choice

So many opportunities 

NZ's multi-billion dollar construction sector needs an extra 57,600 people by 2026 so job opportunities are endless.  This skills shortage means pay rates are good and skilled people can be earning really well.

It's not hard physical labour forever

Many people assume tradespeople work on the tools all their life, but not in today's environment. One of the biggest skills shortages is for supervisors and managers.  A couple of years after completing an apprenticeship there are many other areas that qualified professional tradespeople can move into, or they can start up their own business.

High-quality qualifications

All BCITO qualifications are registered on the NZQA framework so are formalised just like other tertiary qualifications. Kiwi tradies are also in demand overseas because of the quality of their training, broad range of skills and their adaptability.  So getting a trade qualification is a great fit for global adventurers.

Pay and earning potential

Research undertaken by BERL in 2018 shows that apprentices earn significantly more in the early stages of their careers.  They purchase a home earlier and, for most of their careers, have a higher net financial position than holders of a bachelor degree and above.

Career Earnings Graph

The best thing about doing an apprenticeship is that your son or daughter will be earning while they learn.  So they'll be able to support themselves sooner and have no student debt.

Fees Free

Many BCITO apprenticeships are Fees Free for two years for eligible candidates.

Tradies think outside the square

Tradespeople know how to solve problems, both technical and situational.  Apprentices develop great communication skills working in teams with people from all walks of life along with other trades.  They get exposed to a high level of technical information and the ever-changing world of regulatory and legislative requirements.

A trade career is way more than swinging a hammer or wielding a trowel.  Apprentices also keep up with technological advancements and get to use complex machinery.  

Learn from the masters

Apprentices are lucky enough to be mentored and trained by employers and skilled tradespeople who are passionate about their trade.  They're keen to pass on their knowledge and skills and help talented people move up through the ranks for the future of industry.

Choose from a broad range of building and construction careers

BCITO manages apprenticeships for people who want a career in building and construction. Check out detailed career, qualification, time and cost information for your trade of choice.