Let's get prepared

Our future construction workforce will look very different from today.  The better we understand what that future might look like, the more we can do now to ensure we're ready for all the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

We've done the research

By understanding the 12 trends that will have the most impact on

  • consumers
  • industry
  • workers

you can focus on the trends that will get your business prepared for the construction industry of the future.


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See the 12 most important trends affecting the future of industry by group concerned.

What workforce trends mean for skills and training

The combined impact of the 12 workforce trends is a big shift in skills that people need.  Construction education needs to adapt and respond to meet future needs.

  • 1. Breadth of skills

    The trends will have a big impact on the way people work and the breadth of skills they need.

  • 2. Softer skills

    Softer skills like adaptability, being comfortable with continuous learning and working inclusively with people from diverse groups are becoming important.

  • 3. Broader skills

    The current education system delivers the right technical skills but needs to get better at delivering broader skills.

  • 4. Education evolution

    Roles are changing more rapidly than ever and education needs to evolve to keep up.

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