At BCITO, our mission is to empower each of our apprentices on their path to success. To fulfil this mission, we've formed a group of 15 exceptional apprentices who work alongside us across various industry sectors. These remarkable individuals are known as Apprentice Leaders, and together they constitute the Apprentice Leadership Group.

Today, we’re thrilled to share Cameron's transformative journey. Cameron, one of our Glass and Glazing Apprentices, didn't just have an enjoyable time during his Outward Bound Course; it also provided valuable perspective for both his personal and professional life.

Cameron OB 1.jpg

Among the many highlights, Cameron thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sleep under the stars and connect with nature in such a unique way.

Cameron vividly recalled a defining moment during a trek when they were left in the bush by themselves for two and a half hours with only a pen and a book. This was a time for deep reflection on their journey, their current actions, and their future directions.

"We were told a story about two arborists who were in a wood-chopping competition. One arborist kept chopping continuously, while the other took regular breaks. Surprisingly, the one who took regular breaks chopped the most wood. This was because each time he stopped he sharpened his axe and took time to rest."

"I've now incorporated this concept into my work planning. I set aside time in the morning and at the end of the day to plan, allowing me to perform better the next day. It's made a significant difference."

The Outward Bound is an experience I'd "100%, recommend to others” Cameron affirmed. "It's a tremendous opportunity for anyone facing challenges in life, feeling lost, or unsure of their path. It's a fantastic place to kickstart a new journey. You have the opportunity to meet new people, and in the process, you become vulnerable and are pushed to your limits. It's in those challenging moments that you learn the most, and that's where you truly get to know yourself."

Cameron's journey at Outward Bound exemplifies the essence of the programme, where personal growth, pushing one's boundaries, and fostering deep connections within a team are celebrated. We are proud to have Apprentice Leaders like Cameron, who wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity for personal development and are eager to share their transformative experiences with others.