BCITO Graduate Scholarships

BCITO wishes to give graduates of BCITO training programmes the opportunity to access further study so that they may enhance their career prospects.

How many scholarships are available?

Five (5) are available each year. Individuals can only ever be awarded one Graduate Scholarship.

How much are the scholarships worth?

Each scholarship is for the cost of a chosen course or seminar attended or undertaken by the applicant, up to a maximum of $3,000 excluding GST.

Who is eligible?

Any BCITO graduate who completes within the calendar year of application.

What can the scholarships be used for?

Successful applicants can use the scholarship for any training programme that best suits their career development. Some examples include:

  • BCITO programmes such as Construction Trades - Supervisor, Construction Trades - Main Contract Supervision, or the Diploma in Construction Management
  • short courses or seminars on small business management, estimating or contract management
  • a National Certificate
  • higher level business-related qualifications

How do graduates apply?

Applications can be made by completing and returning the 2018 Graduate Scholarship Application pack.

When should applications be made?

BCITO must receive your application for 2018 before applications close on 31 October 2018.

How will applications be considered?

All applications will be considered by the BCITO Executive Leadership Team (ELT). ELT will assess how well the intended use of the scholarship meets the purpose of this scheme. All decisions made will be final.

How and when will successful applicants be notified?

The five (5) successful applicants will be notified by mail or phone during November 2018. Those awarded scholarships will also be published in BCNews, and must be available for media interview if required.

How are scholarships claimed once awarded?

It will be up to the graduate to claim the scholarship within twelve (12) months of receiving notification of their successful application from BCITO. Funding will be paid directly to the course/service provider of the approved programme, or by way of reimbursement to the applicant where a receipt can be provided.