Outward Bound Scholarships

BCITO offers 10 Outward Bound scholarships worth more than $3,500 each to BCITO apprentices completing a qualification in a specialist BCITO trade.  

Applications for 2019 are now closed.

Outward Bound 2017

Outward Bound is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and helps young leaders build confidence, become self-aware and improve communication and teamwork skills. These skills are vital in today's competitive training and employment market. 

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Stories from past recipients: Tyrone Parson

Six months on from his Outward Bound experience and Tyrone Parson, winner of a BCITO Specialist Trades Outward Bound Scholarship, is still reaping the benefits of his experience. “My boss says he’s seen a positive change in my attitude towards work, and even my parents have noticed the improvement,” Tyrone says. “It has definitely enhanced my confidence in the workplace, so that’s got to be a good thing!”

Tyrone’s Outward Bound course was attended by about 80 young construction apprentices who were split into groups of 14. “It was great to be on the course with the other tradesmen – we all got on really well and it’s always more fun when you can share your experiences with others. I actually still keep in touch with a lot of the guys,” Tyrone says.

Before embarking on the programme, Tyrone says he expected it to be mentally and physically challenging but admits he wasn’t quite prepared for all the physical activities.

"Some of the highlights of the programme were the sailing and kayaking, but I also enjoyed some of the more thought-provoking activities."

When asked if he would recommend the programme to others, Tyrone says, “Don’t hesitate, just fill out the form. You get to see the sights of New Zealand and the programme really pushes you to your limits. I did things on the Outward Bound course that I would never have done on my own – it really challenges you and shows you that you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it.”