Client brief


In 2017 BCITO took the opportunity to undertake a commercial fit out of the level 5 floor area occupied within the Registered Master Builders Building.  The only area on the floor that was not addressed at the time of remodelling was the Kitchen.  Level 5 receives natural light all day and would be considered a mid-foot traffic zone.   Roles of persons working on this floor include CEO, senior managers, qualification experts, marketers, human resources, business support, accountants, industry relationship and employment support services.

Site description

BCITO, Level 5, 234 Wakefield Street, Wellington (Registered Master Builders Building).

  • Floor area open seating plan with a capacity to accommodate up to 100 employees
  • Employee height range 1.52m to 1.98m
  • A mix of right and left-handed users
  • Budget $50,000 ex GST this includes all appliances (with exception of the existing fridge), making/installation, electrical, flooring, minor plumbing works, disposal of old cabinetry and appliances.
  • Stud 2.53m (commercial site, ceiling tiles, 3 sets of in ceiling florescent lighting, two ceiling extraction vents).
  • Galley style space centrally located on the floor with two entries one entry is from the main open plan area the other from an open dining space that has the capacity to comfortably seat 34 persons.
  • Colours across the floor
    White           Pantone 52L04912 brand Dulux name Vivid
    White           Pantone Y92-018-086 ½ brand Resene name Wheatfield 
    Grey             Pantone 53504914 brand Dulux name Maraetai deep base
    Orange        Pantone match 52L87663 PMS151C deep base extra bright
    Yellow         Pantone 52L16101 tinted #Z47392 brand Dulux name Buzz ultra-deep base
    Blue              Pantone Match PMS3134, brand Dulux deep base  

NB for more information regards to colour and sheen email Verina Jones

Design the kitchen

Take the following into account

Use of space range: making a cup of tea, breakfast/snack/lunch to reheating pre-cooked foods for office events.   The existing design has all cabinetry fitted along the length of one wall and staff face and talk to the wall when preparing their drink or meal then leave.  This design causes congestion, especially around the tea/coffee station.

Whilst personalities differ, BCITO employees are generally upbeat, social and genuinely interested in their peers and their projects.  We would like to see this space maximise on the “got a minute?”  “I’ve had an idea” conversations, the by chance short exchanges which build relationships and encourage innovation.

We would like this area to serve a dual role e.g. an area where a cup of tea or light meal can be made and a place where staff can strike up spontaneous conversations.  In order to achieve this, we would like to increase the opportunity for eye-to-eye social collisions and are open to non-traditional designs i.e. taking it off the wall, bring it to the centre enable multiple duplicated functions accessible from both sides of the kitchen furniture.   

Before you get started, take inspiration from Workspaces that move people and Designing offices more like bars

Must Keeps

Three waste management (movable) receptacles which must remain within the area. A suggestion would be to incorporate these into your design within open access cabinetry or within an open area.

Water cooler, Haier fridge, Rheem tap and under-bench unit.


Places, where plumbing passes through the concrete slab, must be maintained, alterations to plumbing within partitions /cabinetry are allowed.

Open to colour suggestions (main office colour is black/white with accent colours – yellow, blue and orange)

Streamlined style, clean lines, balance and harmony.

Safety consideration people exiting via breakout lunch area are often carrying hot food/drinks, this exit is also a thoroughfare for staff moving between the open plan workspace to the kitchen/break area/or exit.


Required: two microwaves (used often), oven with a heating draw, two dish drawers – may need large option (full load/wash up to two times a day). 

Seating of any type is not required within this space as there are multiple breaks out areas

Blender for making smoothies/toaster / toasty pie machine and microwaves are high use items  

You are required to design and prepare working drawings from this client brief.

Plans required

Design a kitchen layout, complete with:

  • Scaled kitchen floor plan and elevations
  • Specifications sheet for kitchen only colour board with samples for kitchen only
  • Working drawings, including some mechanical requirements and positions for the kitchen only

Send your entry to

Verina Jones

BCITO, Level 5, 234 Wakefield Street, Wellington.


Entries must be received by 12 noon on Friday 29 June 2018

The winner will be announced after 12 noon on Friday 3 August 2018

BCITO may showcase designs with people interested in careers in the industry and BCITO staff.

Competition rules, terms & conditions

Judging criteria

Drawings of existing BCITO kitchen

Images of existing BCITO kitchen