Judging criteria

and decision process for Stage One of this competition

Brief (10 points)

This is a written summary of the BCITO's needs, requirements and problems – have these been overcome, and how were these challenges met? Is the brief clear and easy to understand? Has it captured the client’s requirements & intended purpose for this space?

Design & Concept (10 points) – workflow & ergonomics

"The functional and practical success of the design, and the overall concept."
  • Does it meet all aspects of design principles and standards, specifications, products?
  • Does the design flow?
  • Does it function well? 

Style Mark (10 points)

“The design takes my breath away”  
  • Does this entry convey creative excellence?
  • Does it have unique character?
  • Does it show innovative use of product, design, lighting or colour?

Plans (10 points) detailed plans with specifications

“Does this entry meet all aspects of design practices and standards?”
  • Are the plans clear to understand?
  • Are the drawings supplied of a high quality and professional standard? 


Verina Jones
BCITO, Level 5, 234 Wakefield Street, Wellington.

Entries must be received by 12 noon on Friday 29 June 2018

The winner will be announced after 12 noon on Friday 3 August 2018

BCITO may showcase designs with people interested in careers in the industry and BCITO staff.

Competition rules, terms & conditions

Client brief

Drawings of existing BCITO kitchen

Images of existing BCITO kitchen