BCITO is responsible for setting construction industry qualification standards. Moderation ensures assessments against our unit standards are fair and consistent.

What is moderation?

Moderation is the quality assurance process used to ensure that assessment process and decisions are valid. When BCITO, training providers or schools assess students against unit standards, we want to ensure that the decisions are fair and reasonable.

Moderation involves two-way communication. Recommendations and requirements are made for good practice assessment, and there is an opportunity for assessors to give feedback about unit standard design and resource development for future reviews.

How BCITO moderates

We check the decisions made by assessors to ensure they are making accurate and consistent decisions about trainees’ competency against unit standards. This means we can reasonably say that our trainees’ abilities are being assessed fairly and consistently.

We conduct moderation processes according to the BCITO Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR). The following documents are referenced within the CMR: