Got more questions?

Everyone is an individual and might have different circumstances.

We answer some questions here that might be common to some situations.

Can an Experience Recognition (ERP) candidate be eligible?

Yes, but only if they do not have to pay the Principal Contractor/Self-employed fee ($1,000).  Anyone who is an employee or has a principal contractor may be eligible, but they’ll need to check their eligibility online.

What happens if a trainee’s circumstances change?

The clock doesn’t stop ticking on the ‘24 months after sign-up’ during 2018 rule regardless of whether the apprenticeship is on hold, in grace or a trainee withdraws from their programme.

Can a candidate on a work visa apply for Fees Free?

Yes, if they are entering a BCITO programme that meets TEC requirements and the candidate meets the BCITO working visa time limit policy.

Can a trainee who withdrew from their programme before 2018 be eligible for the Fees Free payment if they resign in 2018?

If a trainee has not achieved more than 60 accumulated credits* or achieved a similar level of achievement at another provider (Uni, Polytechnic etc) and the BCITO programme they are signing into meets the TEC criteria they may be eligible.  They will need to go through the same process as anyone applying for Fees Free.

*Accumulation of credits can occur outside of a specific programme based qualification, e.g. First Aid course, Elevated Working Platform, Class 2, 4 or 5 Driving Licence, Licence endorsement = WTR: Passenger, Chemical handling course etc.

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