Construction Management

If you’re ready to put down the tools and take a step up in your construction career, the New Zealand Diploma in Construction can help you get there. Courses start three times a year, and with no classes to attend, all of your study is online so you can study when you want, where you want to.

There are no exams as all of your assessments are built into your online course materials and no textbooks either. Everything you need to do your diploma will be included.

Entry requirements

To gain admission into this programme you need to have a minimum of 50 credits at Level 2, including 12 credits in mathematics, and a minimum of 12 literacy credits at NCEA Level 1, or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills such as having completed an apprenticeship with the BCITO.

You will need access to a computer with the internet because this programme is delivered online. You will also need to have a basic knowledge of spreadsheets. You will need paper and drawing equipment for both manual and computer-aided drawing (CAD) for all drawing courses.

How long it takes

Approximately 10 hours study time per week for each 15 credit course. Your workload may be higher around assessment due dates. There are 16 courses to complete the qualification.

How much it costs

$9,600 - approximate total cost for the full qualification.

You will only pay for courses as you enrol for them. Going through BCITO to enrol will save you the annual administration fees normally charged by Open Polytechnic.

What you’ll learn

Once you have completed this programme, you will:

  • understand and apply knowledge of the roles, standard documentation and administrative requirements of the construction industry, and communicate in a construction related context
  • operate within the statutory and regulatory environment as it applies to the construction and design of buildings
  • manage construction and resource allocation, programming and construction activities, for medium and large buildings, understand the principles related to the provision of services
  • apply a broad knowledge of the structure and structural principles for building work including foundations, substructure, the envelope and the interior, and passive fire protection systems for medium and large buildings
  • understand the principles related to the provision of services
  • select materials and finishes for building projects, taking into account environmental aspects of the design and construction techniques to be used
  • analyse, select and administer construction contracts including the preparation of a tender submission from trade sections and other financial components, and value building works up to and including final account statements
  • work in a team and identify organisational principles in a construction and consulting environment
  • develop construction plans and methodologies, for medium buildings
  • create technical sketches to communicate information relevant to the construction project
  • assist with general construction management tasks.

Need to know more?

This programme is made up of 16 compulsory courses worth 15 credits each. There are no elective courses.

HURRY! Enrolments close with Open Polytechnic for Trimester 2 on 25 June 2017

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