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We have a dedicated job-matching service that puts capable and eager career seekers in touch with employers looking for apprentices.

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Future-proof your business

Training an apprentice is an investment in your business and industry. 

By training an apprentice you lay down the foundations for hardworking, loyal employees who understand how your business operates. Reduce risk and re-work. Increase efficiency and profitability. 

You can develop your team’s skills to meet your standards and win tenders easily with a qualified team.

How to support an apprentice

You provide the training, we’ll handle the rest.

BCITO offers ongoing support for you and your apprentices during their training.

Our advisors regularly visit to help you keep training on track. Best of all, assessment and paperwork is fully managed by BCITO. 

We also provide workforce development plans and other practical resources to keep you up to date with current industry trends.

How training works

Upskill yourself or your team

A positive workplace culture fosters business growth. That’s why we don’t just offer apprenticeships, we also offer training and qualifications for your existing team.

By training your existing team, they’ll be more valuable, more motivated, and encouraged to stay in your business longer. 

Get the skills you need to manage your business

We've got details of great places where you can learn good business management practices and gain new knowledge. 

Upskill now

Get your existing experience formally recognised

If you’ve worked in the industry for a few years, but don’t have a qualification we’ll help you get one. 

Get qualified 

Shape up your supervisory skill

New Zealand’s construction industry has an extreme shortage of qualified supervisors. Gain the experience and skills you need to be a high-performing supervisor. 

Start training

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