Benefits of an apprentice

Taking on an apprentice allows you to develop your workers’ skills according to your standards – it’s an investment in growing both your business and the industry. Currently more than 8,000 employers across New Zealand train apprentices.

Train apprentices and build success

Training motivates employees to achieve because they feel more invested in the work they're doing. It's great for your business because it encourages your kaimahi to stick around and creates a positive organisational culture.

Grow your profit

BCITO Te Pūkenga research undertaken in 2015 proves that in the long run, investing in industry training is an investment that can grow your business.

"It's rewarding seeing my team and our skills grow and it makes me money," Russell Clark, Licensed Renovations.

The positive return from training is sustained well into the future, increasing the cumulative benefit each year. For example, for every $1.00 spent on training a carpenter, a business will benefit by $4.70 in increased profit for up to a 10 year period.

Findings of the kaupapa showed that when compared with a business that doesn’t invest in industry training, a carpentry firm that trains all staff will:

  • Grow 6% faster
  • Charge $0.44 more per hour per person
  • Estimate work 3% more accurately
  • Do 2% less hours to complete the same task or project

Develop a high level of craftsmanship within your business

A consistent level of craftsmanship is important to your clients and your business, so you need to have confidence in your workers' skills. When you have oversight into the training of your workers, you can understand their strengths and areas for development, and teach them according the standards of your business.

Give back to your industry

You were an apprentice once – someone gave you an opportunity to gain the skills of your trade. To make sure the industry has enough qualified professionals to be sustainable, we need skilled and willing employers to help shape the next generation of qualified professionals.

Stay up-to-date by training others

Training others will keep you on your toes – it's a good way to keep abreast of the latest industry developments, meet others in the industry and learn some new skills yourself.