Insulation Installation micro-credential

Get these skills recognised

  • ­install wall, ceiling, and underfloor insulation, and ground vapour barriers
  • knowledge of installing wall, ceiling, underfloor insulation, and ground vapour barriers
  • knowledge of insulation products
  • interpret plans and specifications for insulation installation.

How does a BCITO micro-credential work?

  • meet with a BCITO representative and discuss your training needs
  • you and your trainee will both sign a BCITO Training Agreement
  • you’ll teach the practical skills to your trainee, and a BCITO Training Advisor will visit you and your team regularly to carry out assessments and make sure you’re on track
  • your trainees will also get theory resources to support their practical learning.

How long does it take?

A BCITO micro-credential in Insulation Installation typically takes six months to complete. Your BCITO Training Advisor will work with you and your trainee to keep learning and assessment on track.

Who’s it for?

Businesses who install insulation.

Your team will learn and be recognised for

Applying safe working practices by

  • identifying and describing hazards associated with the handling and installation of insulation
  • minimising or eliminating hazards associated with the handling and installation of insulation.

Using correct tools and equipment by

  • identifying, maintaining and storing tools used for insulation installation
  • describing the safe and legal use of access equipment used in insulation installation
  • explaining health and safety requirements when working with tools and equipment.

Understanding the correct methods to install insulation by

  • explaining the methods used to install insulation products into different parts of a building according to New Zealand standards and industry best practice methods.

Understanding the legal requirements for the use of insulation in new buildings and residential rental properties by

  • communicating the minimum legal requirements for insulation in new buildings according to the New Zealand Building Code
  • explaining the minimum legal requirements for insulation in residential rental properties.

Knowledge of insulation products by describing

  • the properties of insulation products
  • the use of insulation in terms of where it is used in a building and why.

Preparing to install insulation by

  • identifying and arranging the requirements for the planned installation
  • communicating with clients, suppliers and others in the team.

Installing wall, ceiling and underfloor insulation and ground varpour barriers by

  • installing insulation according to insulation plan, industry standards and legislative requirements
  • selecting and using personal protective equipment suitable for the installation job
  • selecting and safely using tools and equipment suitable for the installation job
  • identifying hazards and ensuring they are minimised or eliminated as appropriate
  • repairing or removing damaged insulation
  • keeping job sites tidy during installation and clearing waste, excess materials and debris from the worksite when insulation installation is completed
  • storing and maintaining tools according to operational requirements and manufacturers’ specifications
  • demonstrating professional behaviour during insulation installation activities
  • completing documentation according to operational requirements.

Interpreting plans and specifications for insulation installation by

  • identifying the location for the insulation to be installed
  • identifying insulation materials needed from insulation plans and locating manufacturers’ specifications for specified products
  • confirming the insulation specified meets the requirements of the space to be insulated in terms of performance and industry standards
  • identifying any areas where insulation plans do not meet legislative requirements and taking appropriate action according to workplace policy and procedures.

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