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01 - Outline a construction plan

Available to complete during the final year of your apprenticeship.

Good planning is a key element for every successful construction process.  In this course, you will develop the skills and understanding needed to evaluate which construction methodology suits different tasks.  

You will also learn the elements and sequencing required for the successful completion of a construction project and develop a practice construction programme for a team to follow.

02 - Written and oral communication

Available to complete during the final year of your apprenticeship.

  • Do you plan to run meetings on site? 
  • Does your team always understand what you have presented or explained? 
  • Are you managing written communications/creating meeting notes?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this course is right for you.  It will help you develop these skills, along with the understanding of how to get feedback which will help you improve your performance on an ongoing basis.

03 - Administration processes

This course will help you build the skills and knowledge of administrative tasks required for every project.  Topics included are understanding contracts, tendering processes and interpreting schedules of quantities which are all key skills for any supervisor.

04 - Employment relationships

Do you employ or supervise people?  Do you need to understand New Zealand employment laws?  If you answered yes, then this course will give you the knowledge to manage people and you'll create a positive and productive worksite.

05 - Apply time management concepts and methods in business situations

How can you make the best use of your time, be more efficient and effective every day?  Develop skills that will allow you to prioritise, delegate and manage your team successfully to work smarter.

06 - Apply supervision principles and manage interpersonal conflict

The successful completion of any project is often based on the people involved.  Managing people and having effective processes in place are essential skills for every supervisor.  This course will help you develop skills to direct, guide and mentor your team in a positive and productive way.

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