Kitchen & Bathroom Design for experienced practitioners

A new opportunity from BCITO Te Pūkenga so you can have your existing experience and skills formally recognised.

Gain a qualification to recognise your skills

BCITO Te Pūkenga can assess your current skills and abilities against the standards required to gain a professional Kitchen & Bathroom Design qualification. 

How it works

You provide evidence of your skills (such as written or photographic evidence, and references) and we'll determine your eligibility. If we assess that your industry experience is sound, we can sign you into a BCITO Te Pūkenga training agreement and commence the process. Then a collaboration between NKBA and a BCITO Te Pūkenga training advisor happens so you can get the required assessments completed. BCITO Te Pūkenga will support and guide you on how to gather evidence and supporting documentation.  If the assessment highlights areas that require further work, you will need to complete additional assessment activities – we will help you to prepare for this.

A collaboration with NKBA

Your BCITO Te Pūkenga training advisor will keep in contact with you throughout the process and conduct generic assessments as required. NKBA tutors will conduct assessments related to industry standards and practices. Once you successfully demonstrate your competence you'll gain a national certificate qualification.

How long it takes

You will have six months to complete all the required assessments.

How much it costs

You can find out more about costs by referring to either 2023 Course Fees or 2023 Off-Job Training Fees. For more information contact the team at BCITO Te Pūkenga

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with BCITO Te Pūkenga now on 0800 4 BCITO (422 486) and we'll get a BCITO Training Advisor in your area on the case right away to explain more about this opportunity.