Fees and discounts


When you enrol you will need to pay your course fees directly to a training partner.

Our training partners price their training in different ways, some price by course and others by qualification. On this website, we show the fees for the smallest component you can sign up for at each partner.

Please refer to each partners' own website for full fees information.


Some training partners provide a discount to people signing up via BCITO, others report back to us how many learners have reached them through our channels.

To get discounted fees and/or track industry's participation, please use the coupon codes below when you enrol.

Business Mentors New Zealand

Choose BCITO in the 'where heard' question in the online application.

The Career Academy

Enter coupon code BCITO 10 in the online payment process to get a 10% discount.


Use promo code BCITO when you register in order to get a discount.