Russell Clark: Carpentry
9 June 2020

Russ has been in the trade since he was 15, and there isn’t much he hasn’t seen in his 35+ years in the building industry. For almost as long as he’s been in the industry, he’s also been an employer.

By age 25, Russ was qualified and employed his first apprentice. Since then he's employed and trained many and has supported them with the same opportunities he's been offered in the construction industry.

Russ says his first boss, Peter Jones, formerly of Argon Construction, was a legend who gave Russ the foundation on which he’s built his career. When Russ is working with young apprentices, he thinks back to the teachings that Peter passed on to him - those are still relevant today. Peter gave Russ an opportunity, and now Russ is passing that same opportunity on to the next generation.


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