Bruce Karton: Exterior Plastering
9 June 2020

Aged 17, Bruce entered a bricklaying apprenticeship and joined his father on the tools. Back in those days, you had to complete 10,000 hours and a block course per year for three years to get qualified. Bruce was lucky enough that the rules changed to 8,000 hours while he was still training and what do you know? He qualified overnight!

Bruce purchased Karton Construction Systems from his parents in 1994, and since then he’s diversified into exterior plastering.

Bruce says it’s important to celebrate wins with the team and this can be as simple as cold drinks brought to site, a ‘well-done’ post on the company’s Facebook page and sometimes a big breakfast shout.

Bruce says finding someone who is keen, reliable and prepared to commit to training is rewarding, and apprenticeships are a great opportunity for people to learn a trade they will have for life. He believes it’s an essential business practice to invest time and resources into employees.


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