Bryce Clifford: Interior Systems
9 June 2020

Bryce Clifford is well-known within the sector, not only as an employer of award-winning apprentices but also as a businessman who attracts and retains outstanding people. Bryce has been in the industry his entire working life so has plenty of experience under his belt.

Bryce confesses to not having any formal training in ‘people management’ so has used his instincts and personal values to manage his team and run his business. With a team of 32 on board, here’s what Bryce believes makes an effective employer:

  • Create the culture that you want for your business
  • Enjoy what you are doing
  • Be honest and up-front regardless of the issue
  • Acknowledge good work and let your team know you appreciate them
  • Talk to your team and let them have input
  • Keep your people safe


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