Milvia Hannah: Kitchen & Bathroom Design
9 June 2020

Milvia has trained three apprentices with another in training right now. To be successful Milvia believes you need to have both a career that evolves and a commitment to the industry. She says, “You have to lead from the front, be understanding, consistent, considerate and a good listener. Most importantly, you have to create a sense of fun in the workplace. The fun is most important because if you find a job you love and enjoy then you never actually ‘work’ again.”

Her flair for design and her passion for all things kitchen mean that Milvia’s staff often get treated with her baking exploits, after all you can't rate appliances without testing them first and what a great testing panel.

When she’s not having fun at work designing kitchens and baking for her team, Milvia can be found spending time with her family and chasing a football around the park. Milvia loves getting outside and playing a game or two. She has high hopes for New Zealand’s victory in the America’s Cup 2022.


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