Off-job training for Glass & Glazing apprentices

BCITO off-job training is provided by the Glass & Glazing Institute of New Zealand, (GGINZ), in Lower Hutt. This training complements the on-site learning our apprentices enjoy in their workplaces.  GGINZ currently teaches and assesses unit standards for the National Certificate in Glass Processing, and the National Certificate in Glazing. 

In a recent visit to the Institute, Industry Advocate, Neil Hirini, enjoyed talking with staff and apprentices who all acknowledged the special part it plays in the training of Glass and Glazing apprentices. Of particular note was the peer support evident amongst the apprentices which is sometimes not possible in businesses with smaller staff numbers. A well-structured curriculum also ensures that trainees have the opportunity to fully engage in targeted learning and assessment work throughout the block course periods.

With the introduction of the new New Zealand Certificate qualifications on the horizon, the staff of GGINZ, working alongside industry representatives and the BCITO, have now begun working on a new look curriculum and a new look training system to accommodate this. We look forward to the rollout of these in the near future.

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