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Why is BCITO offering a BCATS Student Tools Grant?

2018 is the first year the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) has made the Level 3 Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills(BCATS) unit standards available to all schools. To celebrate, BCITO wishes to support students participating in BCATS programmes with a ‘Student Tools Grant’.

Applicants must be planning to finish school and start a BCITO Apprenticeship in 2019 to be eligible to apply. A maximum of $1,000 of trade vouchers will be sent to successful recipients within 20 days of notification being received of a signed BCITO training agreement.

How many grants are available?

Fifteen (15) are available. Individuals can only ever be awarded one BCATS Student Tools Grant.

How much are the grants worth

Each grant is for a ‘tools voucher’ up to a maximum value of $1,000 including GST.

Who is eligible?

Any student currently being assessed for BCATS as a subject, or through BCITO Gateway, is eligible. Students must be intending to finish school and start a BCITO apprenticeship in 2019. 

What can the grants be used for

Grant recipients can purchase tools and/or equipment needed for their chosen building, construction, or allied trades career. 

How do students apply?

Applications can be made by completing and returning the attached BCATS Tools Grant application form and supporting documentation to BCITO.

When should applications be made?

Applications open 8.00am, 28 August and close 5.00pm, 28 September 2018.

How will applications be considered?

All applications will be considered by BCITO. BCITO will assess on the basis of the information provided in the BCATS Tools Grant application form and the BCATS project summary.  All decisions made will be final.

How and when will successful applicants be notified?

The 15 successful applicants will be notified by mail or phone in October 2018. Those awarded grants may also be published in BC News and must be available for media interview if required.

How are grants claimed once awarded?

Successful applicants must email [email protected] within a year of being awarded the grant to notify them that they have signed into a BCITO apprenticeship and claim their grant money. Vouchers will be sent out within 20 days of notification of the signed training agreement.

Grant recipients must keep receipts for at least 12 months and present them to BCITO staff on request.

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