Building & Construction industry applauds employer support package

PRESS RELEASE: 17 June 2020

The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) is pleased to see the Government’s latest announcement as part of the $1.6 billion Trades and Apprenticeships Training Package. 

The $390 million package provides employers with a maximum of $16,000 for each apprentice they employ. It will be paid out over their first two years. The payments begin on 1 August 2020 and will be paid monthly. It covers existing and new apprentices.

The main challenge for the construction sector is gaining and retaining apprentices in the system, and BCITO Chief Executive Warwick Quinn is thrilled with today’s announcement. 

“For years, the building and construction sector has been calling for support from the government for those firms that train apprentices. And this is the answer we have been waiting for.

“The Government understands that during recessionary times we need to continue to develop and grow our pipeline of skilled tradespeople. We don’t want to lose our talent.”

Quinn stresses that now it is in the industry’s hands to make the most of what the Government is offering. “We have been asking for this, so now we must use it to our advantage. It is our job as a sector to step up and make this work”.

“Not only do we need to increase capacity, but we also have a responsibility to train and develop good quality tradespeople. This financial support will mean employers don’t have to wear the full cost of upskilling them and can invest more into their training,” he said.

“This announcement will also reassure incoming apprentices and people considering careers in the trades that building and construction remains a good sector to work in.”

Currently, BCITO has just over 13,000 active trainees and apprentices. Last year, building and construction was New Zealand’s third-largest sector, directly contributing $19 billion to the country’s GDP. Residential building forms the backbone of the sector, accounting for 60% of its revenue, and employing 80% of apprentices.

Further enquiries, please contact:
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