Carlos' Story - 7089km from Davao City to Penrose

Carlos Gabucan works as a kitchen design software consultant for Laminex New Zealand. In his role Carlos looks after the 2020 design software. 

In 2016 Carlos signed into BCITO’s Kitchen & Bathroom Design qualification to find out what it is that makes the kitchen such a central part of the New Zealand home and what elements New Zealand designers pull together to make the perfect kitchen for their customers.


Carlos says, “Growing up in the Phillipines, we were taught that to realise our full potential we have to set goals and be flexible. From a young age IT was my passion and I specialised in graphic design, website design and development. For a while, I taught IT at one of the top universities in Davao.

“In 2014 I moved to Christchurch with my family, then in 2015 to Penrose and began working as a 2020 Design Software Consultant for Laminex NZ.  In this role I worked with customers, ensuring that their design software was successfully implemented and backed up with the necessary support to meet their design objectives.  I also provided training sessions, and developed new learning resources. As the Visualisation Technology Business Partner I provide Laminex NZ with the technology that brings 2D and 3D visualisation and experiences to life.”

Carlos’ tells why he enrolled in the Kitchen & Bathroom qualification, “Understanding the software was the easy part. It’s the kitchen design principles that I had zero knowledge of.  I wanted to know the clients’ wants and needs.  This knowledge helps me to make real world connections.

“I grew up with my extended family, living in a compound in Davao City in the Southern Philippines. As a family we cooked, sang (videoke) and ate together. Food brought us close and cooking was always an event. In the Philippines, a kitchen would mostly be a small or hidden part of the house.  It was the area that people would least want to hang around. 

“New Zealand kitchen design intrigues me. Here, and in many other parts of the world, the kitchen is the centre of everything and I wanted to know why.”

 “Aside from the great people I meet through my qualification, training in Kitchen & Bathroom Design means I’m able to do what I am passionate about, which is to discover and play with new technology.  This qualification has given me the opportunity to be a leader and an influencer in the industry,  and the opportunity to teach and train others.

“I love the challenges of the trade and never stop learning! This allows me to create new designs and be creative with a purpose through pushing the boundaries of design while at the same time creating something functional.”  

Technology is changing in this industry very quickly.  Not only is the change rapid, but it is also becoming more intelligent and more available to the masses Designers need to adapt to the change and open their minds to new  channels of information. For Carlos, that means gaining his qualification in Kitchen & Bathroom Design, for others it may mean learning to use digital technology like Computer Aided Design (CAD).

We asked Carlos do you think the customer/designer relationship is changing?  If so, how?  What should a designer consider to keep up with this change?  We’ll let you know what Carlos had to say shortly.

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