Changing lives is good for business

When Yesu Seelam left India in 2015 to come to New Zealand with his wife he never expected that a Facebook ad was going to change his life.


“My wife came over to New Zealand first to work in business management, then I followed a few months later," says Yesu. "I was looking for work when I found an ad on Facebook advertising for a flooring installer from employer Alex Jiang at NZ Flooring Ltd, offering to provide training. I got the role and learned on the job from him and his installers.” Yesu has now been working in the flooring industry for two full years and is loving it. “I really enjoy the work, so much so that it doesn’t feel hard! Back in India I was working a desk job at a hospital. I much prefer working in flooring. I get to travel to lots of different places for work, we’ve done jobs in Auckland, Hamilton and Whangarei. I also get to meet lots of friendly people.”

Currently doing his apprenticeship through Martin Drew at Trade Flooring NZ Limited, Yesu says getting qualified means a lot, “I’ve learned a lot during my apprenticeship, and I want to learn everything I can about installation. Getting a qualification will help me prove my experience in the industry and may help me with immigration if we decide we want to settle in New Zealand.” 

Martin Drew, couldn’t be happier with Yesu. He says, “I’ve known Yesu for three years now. I first met him as a subcontractor, but now he’s employed by me. He keeps a great pace at work and is a good guy. Many of our customers comment to me on how good his work is." Martin says there are many benefits of having a BCITO apprentice from a business perspective. “Training people promotes and legitimises your business. Having BCITO qualified people in your team makes customers feel comfortable knowing that they aren’t getting cowboys doing their job.”  

Do your business a favour and invest in training your team. You may even help change someone’s life in the process. 

If you’re operating a switched-on business and keen to call your team qualified professionals, please contact us to find out everything you need to know to get involved in industry training.

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