COVID-19 sent lemons

When COVID-19 sent lemons, Next Level Joinery made lemonade.

Not being on the tools, so to speak, gave Adam and his team a rare chance to stop and reflect on how they could improve the way they work.

"Technology makes life easy for our management and office team who picked up sticks and continue to work through a full pipeline of jobs, but for our Joiners, the ordinary ceased on 25 March.

"Next Level Joinery (NLJ) has always been forward-thinking and continuously looking at how we can improve, having a break from the typical BAU during isolation allowed us to chat about new and better ways of working.

"Zoom has replaced our daily stand-up meetings; it's essential to see each other in person, albeit virtual. The new norm has resulted in our Joiners coming up with innovative production techniques, and concepts of how to eliminate waste on the shop floor.

"Apprentices continue to complete course work, plus we've set individual research tasks which we share online.  We hear our less experienced members mining for information and witness mutual respect as opinions are shared.  It’s authentic learning and 100% 'safe' and not without some good old fashioned friendly banter.

"At home, we (Adam & his wife Callie) have two workspaces, we have lunch dates, and without fail every day we get out of the house for a walk.

"To thrive, it's vital to celebrate regular life, and it just so happened my older brother turned 40, so we made a short video, it only took ten takes!! I don't think we've laughed so hard in ages. 

"NLJ is a community of ten. I’m very proud of the team we have and what we produce. The way the crew has handled the lockdown has impressed me, and we can't wait to see all of the ideas come into play. They are all very talented and hardworking people.

"We will get through this!

"This is a time to help each other, please reach out even if it's just for a chat." 

We thank Adam and his the team at Next Level Joinery for their time and for sharing NLJ's story.

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