Empowering your people promotes success

Josh Prangell has been in business as CBA Tiling for 12 years producing high-quality tiling work in the Christchurch area. Recently, Josh expanded the company by basing another team in Auckland, to cater for the ever-growing demand in that region. 


Although Josh is not always able to be on site with all his apprentices, he always makes sure he is contactable by phone. He says, “If my apprentices have a question, or an issue pops up, they know that they can get hold of me either by phone call or text message. I’ll then have a discussion with them and answer their questions, helping them find a solution. If the situation calls for it, then I’ll visit them on site and give them a helping hand. The process is a cooperative one, and it encourages apprentices to think through their issues, while also supporting them through the process.  As a company, we are developing a team of like-minded professional craftspeople and raising the standard in our industry.

“To develop and support our team properly we believe it’s important to create a positive work environment where people can thrive and reach their full potential. I do this by empowering my team to make their own decisions while being careful not to micro-manage them. Part of this is encouraging people to talk their way through their issues which opens them up to greater opportunities for learning and improvement. I am happy to train my guys in areas they might not be strong in because if my guys succeed, then I succeed. I’m not just the boss; I am also a member of the team. If I work hard and upskill my team, then my team will work hard for me.

“CBA Tiling’s business mission is to help transform, enhance, renew and create new liveable and workable spaces, while my personal mission is to transform the lives of my team.  Because of what we have created here as a company we are providing an income for over 30 families or individuals.” Our company values not only relate to the individual, but also to the work that we carry out each day. People matter - remember to always treat people how you want to be treated. I have found that people appreciate being treated with honesty and integrity and shown some respect. These timeless values have meant some of our staff have been part of our team for more than ten years.” 

Legend ‘wise words’

an effective leader treats people with respect, look to add value to people, always be open to personal improvement yourself.

a commitment to industry training means putting the plan into action and train people. Stay accountable.

best business decision was the one to start my own business.

life-long learning is making time every day to read, listen, talk and always try your best.

at the end of a tough week I have a good whiskey!

in 5 years I hope to continue the process of establishing multiple trade-based businesses, to be able to continue to add more value for our customers and provide more jobs for people. 

Josh Prangell, CBA Tiling

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