Hot topics from the Resin Flooring National Advisory Group

In 2015 BCITO formed 16 National Advisory Groups or NAG for short as one of its key channels to learn about and react to the skill and performance necessities of the industries it has coverage for, which includes the Resin Flooring Industry.

Every six months over three consecutive days, BCITO meets with your industry NAG group members and 15 other sector groups. We discuss strategic issues around sector requirements, particularly considering workforce development needs to help construction industry businesses and employers develop strategies that support mid-to-long-term business plans and the sustainable development of a better-skilled workforce.

Your NAG works on making industry training accessible to as wider a group of industry employees as possible. Advises the BCITO with respect to keeping training requirements up-to-date and relevant. And provide a voice for trade associations and individual employers/employees matters of industry training covered by the activities of the BCITO.

What gets discussed at the meetings varies depending on what's topical in the sector at the time. The key topics of the day included:

TradeSecrets events

In 2021 twenty-five events will be hosted across New Zealand to interact with parents and students wanting to know more about the trades. Invitations will be managed through technology teachers and career advisors. These evenings' imperative is to provide factual information, debunk myths, share real and authentic experiences as they occur in the real world, and make connections.

Trade Secrets leads with a 25-minute presentation including onsite employer and apprentice videos, facts/figures comparing a trade career vs. university, an apprentice panel (active and qualified), career progression stories shared by former apprentices highlighting future opportunities. Local construction firms will be invited to meet their potential new apprentice and chat with parents.

To be successful, the events are highly collaborative, and we invite you to contact your NAG Chair David Evans [email protected] or Rex Mcgill [email protected] if you'd like to be involved.

Resin qualification review

John Bourke BCITO’s project lead for the review, shares, “Good news! NZQA has approved the flooring qualifications, including a stand-alone Resin Flooring Certificate which has two strands:

  1. Flow Applied Resin Finishes
  2. Trowel Applied Resin Mortar

The next phase is to develop a programme and write skill sets. John expects that by the end of the second quarter of 2021, BCITO will be looking at enrolling people into the new qualification and transitioning existing trainees.

A new qualification had also been added, ‘Surface Preparation,’ which is multi-layered and includes moisture, underlay, concrete grinding, and concrete polishing. This will create programmes that mix strands and result in hybrid qualifications.

Other popular topics

Governments support for training No Fees, and Employers Boost funding, myBCITO BCITO's new digital portal (learner management system) designed to enable apprentices to upload evidence, participate in self-check knowledge quizzes 24/7, and watch third party learning/educational videos about processes and products.

If your keen to know more about any of the above, please contact your NAG Chair David Evans or Verina, your industry advocate [email protected]

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