Introducing the Inspection App for Master Brick & Block members

In the challenging times we as an industry are in, we need to collectively look at ways and means of delivering high-quality solutions in a timelier manner and thereby easing some of the pressure in parts of the market.

Specifically, many have reported on the strain the consenting process is under, with most aware that this sector is facing one of its biggest challenges in our construction history.

With Brick and Blocklaying being a key component of the exterior completion, we have been working on a solution that could expedite processing times and allow workflows to improve significantly. With construction inflation currently running in the region of 18 to 20%, any tools that allow consenting authorities to address some of the processing challenges they face should be looked at. Using such systems can assist in mitigating some of the cost impacts that are being passed through to consumers as well.

The advantages to all parties within the process are significant, workflows improve for the building community, especially for the smaller contractor, who may not have enough of a pipeline to be comfortable with some of the delays that are now commonplace. Building clients are less likely to be impacted by inflationary delays.

Builders and subcontractors cash flows are normalised, providing better protection for smaller businesses and their sustainability. For Brick work in particular, if we can assist in expediting the half high approval process, it has a similar impact to removing the cork from a bottle, many other tasks can flow from this point.

The evidential trail that a modern app-based system can provide, allows officials, builders, and clients, to have considerable comfort that they can view work that meets the appropriate building code and New Zealand Standards with confidence. The tool provides the ability to confirm the GPS location of the work, and that an LBP is providing the evidence from their own device. Video or photographic confirmation of tasks appropriately completed, products used by brand and type.

The system has streams for both Brick and Block work and has the capability to add the Site Specific Safety Plan, Record of Work or Producer Statements for a project as required. These can then form part of the final submission and can be directly uploaded and sent to the interested parties: e.g. Council, Builders, Engineers and Owners. The output is a PDF document that reports on the entire work carried out by a contractor.

Block work has its own specific workflow requirements, including relating to the steel work requirements of NZS 4210 and general site safety and best practice. Again, the stages can be recorded and sent directly to all parties in the process. This includes placement of horizontal steel, linking with vertical bars, clean outs, confirmation that the mortar is of the desired strength, pre-pour checks, confirmation that the correct block fill, as specified is used, dimensions etc, all meet the required specifications.

The checks within the app flows are very comprehensive, which is designed to allow the consenting agent to respond to the sender, if clarification via additional photographic or video evidence is required, to address any matter that they may have questions about. When using ZYTE an official can focus on areas that they may require more clarification on, thus saving time and travel for all parties involved.

Working together should be primarily about improving outcomes for consumers through collaborative partnerships that benefit us all. If any consenting authority or a group would like a demonstration of the full functionality of the App, MBB are very willing to meet this request, either physically or through a Zoom/Teams type meeting.

Master Brick & Block app screens on mobile device

Republished with the kind permission of Master Brick & Blocklayers.

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