New Zealand’s best interior systems apprentices to compete against Australia

The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) announced the winners of their annual Apprentice of the Year competition who will compete against the best Australian apprentices at the trans-tasman competition being held at Uluru, Ayres Rock in Australia.

Connor and Bailey

Pictured: Bailey Batt, left and Connor Wilson, right

Connor Wilson from Prestige Interiors in Wellington and Bailey Batt from Atlas Fibrous Plasterers in Hawkes Bay are the two New Zealand Apprentices selected to take on the best Australian apprentices from each state across Australia in the annual Workskills competition.

GIB Wallboards, Rondo Wall and Ceiling systems and the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) have provided funding or support for the New Zealand apprentices to travel to Australia. 

Gabriel Ataya, AWCI President stated, “It is a massive honour for Connor and Bailey to represent New Zealand. It is no easy task, going to the heat of Uluru and taking on the Australians in their own back-yard in the ‘best of the best’ apprentice competition”.

Helen Hines-Randall, Industry Advocate for Interior Systems at BCITO commented, “As New Zealand’s largest provider of construction apprenticeships, we are proud to support Connor and Bailey. This challenge will be a wonderful experience for them and to win over the Aussies, well, that would be fantastic!”

Both New Zealand apprentices will be travelling to Uluru Ayres Rock in early October for four days where they will compete in the Workskills competition. The competition tests their set-up and planning, various skills across interior fit-out and plastering plus how they work together as a team.

Nick Molcisi, Country Manager for Rondo states, “The challenge for the boys is immense. Working in the 35-40 degree heat against 10 other Australian apprentices will really test them. Rondo is a big supporter of the competition in Australia and it is great that we can get in behind the New Zealand entrants this year.”

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