Painting & Decorating Apprentice of the year

Congratulations to Chelsey Froese of Pringle Decorating Ltd in Queenstown for winning the 2020 Master Painters Apprentice of the Year competition.

Painting & Decorating AOY winners

Joining Chelsey in the finals were:

  • Tegan Williams of Alan Trow Painters 2014 Ltd in Auckland
  • Joshua Allen of Team dh Ltd in Palmerston North
  • Brooke Dunn of Flawless Finishes Ltd in Christchurch

This year’s finalists were an amazing group of young people that did themselves and their employers proud. Throughout the competition, they demonstrated their high-level skills and knowledge, as well as a strong passion for their trade. All finalists confidently showed the conference delegates that the future of their industry is in good hands. For the first time, the gender scales were tipped with three women in the finals, showing that women are not only participating in the painting and decorating industry but are at the top of their game.

Every apprentice that entered the competition had to submit a portfolio of their work along with a personal explanation of why they believed they should be considered for the title of Apprentice of the Year. This portfolio was then combined with a site visit from an industry expert and a theory knowledge test to select which apprentice from each region would go on to the top four and compete for the title of 2020 Painting and Decorating Apprentice of the Year.

When the four finalists arrived at the conference venue in Rotorua they were each given the challenge of decorating a children’s whare. These whare would later be gifted to local Kōhanga with the best whare ultimately determining the winner of the competition. Resene, who sponsored the event set this task and provided all the equipment needed to complete the job. The finalists then worked for three days under the watchful eyes of the delegates of the Master Painters Conference who were keen to observe their progress.

The competition came to an end on the Saturday evening of the conference, with a dinner in the Rotorua Redwoods dedicated to the apprentice of the year awards. The finalists were introduced and shared their apprenticeship journeys. It was interesting to hear about their stories and experiences that brought them into the painting industry. Chelsey was announced as the overall winner and shared with us a message encouraging other apprentices to give the competition a go.

Each of the finalists thoroughly enjoyed their experience. It pushed them outside of their comfort zone and gave them an opportunity to showcase the skills they learned through their apprenticeships. The finalists were especially appreciative that their support crew including their partners, family and employers were sponsored to attend the event with them.

A big thank you to Master Painters, Resene, the finalist’s BCITO Training Advisors, their employers and their trainers who provided so much support to the finalists throughout this competition and their apprenticeship.

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