Pathway to Qualified Professional proves a wise choice for experienced tiler

Basir Nazari from Hilo Tiling Ltd has been working in the New Zealand tiling industry for 14 years. He is about to tick off a personal and professional goal by getting his formal tiling qualification. Due to his experience in the industry, Basir has been able to do this in a short space of time through BCITO’s Experience Recognition process.


Originally from Afghanistan, Basir picked up a passion for the tiling trade during his time working as a tiling assistant and tiler in Iran. In 2004 he came to New Zealand and settled in Christchurch, where he found work at a local tiling company through the recommendation of a friend. Basir says, “Over this time I worked sub-contracting for a few of the main tiling companies in Christchurch. They knew me and my quality of work well and they trusted me.” 

After working in the local industry for a number of years, Basir made the decision to become self-employed when he formed Hilo Tiling in 2009. Hilo Tiling has grown and Basir now manages the business with a team of three employees.

Basir says, “I enjoy going to work. There are sometimes hard days, it’s a physically demanding job, but at the end of the day when you’ve come home and the client is happy that’s a really amazing feeling.” Over the last couple of years Basir has specialised in larger projects, taking on work for clients who are wanting larger, floor to ceiling tiles installed. He says, “I really enjoy doing these jobs, as the big companies are asking me specifically to come and do these jobs.”

Getting qualified has always been a goal for Basir. He says, “I wanted to get qualified five or six years ago. It was always on my mind to do, but I never ended up starting because I was always too busy. I want to get qualified because the rules may change, and someone may ask me to prove what I can do. If someone turns around and asks who I am, I can say I’m a qualified tiler. I will be very proud when I get my qualification. It’s been really nice and easy with BCITO. I recommend everyone in the industry to get their qualification.” 

BCITO has a formal process for recognising existing skills and experience. It’s perfect for people, like Basir, who have worked in the industry for a few years. 

If this sounds like you, or if you’re operating a switched-on business and you’re eager to get your staff formally qualified, please contact us to find out everything you need to know to get started on your path to becoming a qualified professional tiler. 

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