Positive relationships are key

Vital to every learner's success is the relationship they have with their employer and/or trainer.  This relationship should be built on mutual respect for one another, a clarity and acceptance of each other’s roles and a common understanding of the goals and direction of the training programme. A successful learning experience hinges on a positive working relationship. 

It was great to experience this first hand on a recent visit to Kyle Bailey from Bailey Brick and Block Ltd, South Auckland. On entry to one of Kyle’s work sites in Pukekohe it was easy to see that he is a hands-on trainer who loves to get right into the thick of it with his apprentices. When asked why he chooses to train apprentices Kyle answered by saying, “I really like my job and I want to share it with others.” Kyle also accepts the responsibility to train and says, “Brick & Block will be a dying trade if we don’t encourage training.” 

Kyle currently trains three apprentices who are completing the National Certificate in Brick and Block Laying. Whilst he accepts that training can be hard going at times, and in the early days it does cost time and money, he remains determined to continually seek out new trainees as it can only be a win-win situation. He says, “If you find good people, apprenticeships are a chance to give them a better future.”


Kyle Bailey (centre) with apprentices James Erbacher (left) and Curtis Fraser (right).

BCITO Training Advisor, Karl Ngatai, is full of praise for Kyle’s attitude and approach to training apprentices and shares that this is primarily based on Kyle's passion for the trade. It is also based on his excellent understanding of his role as the onsite trainer and his willingness to give this the time and effort it truly requires. 

His apprentices also have nothing but praise for the manner in which Kyle is managing their apprenticeship training. They say, “The most important thing is that as a trainer he is available.” As soon as his apprentices want something or need to know something he is able to quickly respond. They say, “Kyle is a really good teacher and it’s great to get so much one-on-one time with him. He looks after us and cares about where we are heading in life.” Kyle is also a great motivator who shares the long-term vision of where a career in Brick and Block Laying could take them. Both apprentices are determined to complete their apprenticeships and have long-term goals in the trade. This is very much a testament to Kyle’s influence.


Left to right: Kyle Bailey with apprentices James Erbacher and Curtis Fraser at work

Kyle intends to continue to source and train Brick and Block Laying apprentices. His attitude toward training and the way he goes about this are to be admired. We sincerely thank him for sharing his story and applaud him for doing his part to promote and encourage apprenticeship training in Brick and Block Laying.

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