Positive thoughts bring success at CCL

When you think of resin coatings, you usually don’t envision the movie industry and award-winning New Zealand wine. But for Ian Hunter, his journey to Construction Coatings Ltd (CCL) Blenheim has seen him walk three entirely separate paths and, in doing so, he has harvested a wealth of skills and knowledge.

Ian spent twenty years in the film industry managing his own catering company travelling the world feeding the rich and famous. Then went on to complete a three-year degree in Applied Wine Science with the view to becoming a winemaker, which evolved into becoming a winery production manager, which is the role he proudly perused for the next 20 impressive years in Hawkes Bay and Marlborough

However, in one form or another, Ian has always been involved in the construction industry for 12 years and more recently in the Resin and Painting sector at CCL managing the painting division in Blenheim and the specialist coatings team based in Nelson. Two years on, business is booming, and he loves the diversity in the range of industries CCL caters for, from meat and dairy to the wine and seafood industries.

CCL is 22 years old, and the company has a strong training culture and a genuine keenness for developing apprentices.

Today CCL has a crew of eight, six in the painting division and two in resin coatings. Ian shares, “Two years ago, we did a deep dive looking at what, how, why, and who we work with. Interestingly, this change saw us refine and adjust, and today we are more efficient, more profitable and have fewer costs.”

Ian has been employing people for 35 years and humbly acknowledges he’s made his share of mistakes along the way. “It’s all part of the learning experience; no one is perfect. As employers and managers, we need to remember that, especially when advising our apprentices.

"The key to success is HOW we choose to communicate with our teams. Everyone requires a slightly different approach, we have gender balance in our team, which is great, and as such, boys are different from girls, so I treat them all with equal respect.

"I make a conscious effort to provide as much positive support as I can muster every day. As the manager, we set the tone so work hard at being that person who is happy to listen to all the gripes and groans and be the first to congratulate the success.

"Tapping into external resources to spread the load is critical. CCL is fortunate to have BCITO Training Advisor Stuart Caulfield on the spot, ready to tackle the tricky questions. With the recent release of the learning platform myBCITO, apprentices have a genuine enthusiasm to self-accelerate their learning, uploading photos of a job and receive that hit of gratification – it’s a good motivational shot.

"If you do have to have a difficult conversation, then pick the right moment and tell them what you are doing and why with a supportive tone.

"I much prefer everyone feel great about themselves and that we’re all winners on any day. Outcomes in my view, and at the end of my day, that’s the energy I choose to take home.”

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