Qualified and Proud

Meet Malcolm Proud, qualified professional resin flooring applicator from Construction Coatings Limited.

One of the first in the country to complete BCITO’s National Certificate in Flooring (Resin Flooring Application), Malcolm undertook the qualification through BCITO’s Experience Recognition Process (ERP).

“Before I started working in the resin sector I'd had a few different jobs. My first job out of school was as a trainee mechanic, I soon discovered it wasn't the job for me and went on to various labouring jobs on building sites before I began working for a company in the UK that did resin work,” says Malcolm.

A few years ago Malcolm and his partner decided to move to NZ from the UK so Malcolm got in touch with a resin company in the North Island to see if they would be interested in taking him on and he was in luck.

Following a move down south, Malcolm now works for Construction Coatings Limited (CCL) where their main line of work involves resin, mainly polyester and epoxy-based resin floors.

Malcolm says, “Although I’ve done numerous courses over the years including working at height, confined spaces, site safe, risk assessment, permit receiver, first aid and hazardous chemical handling, this is my first proper qualification.

“I was motivated to do BCITO’s ERP as I thought it would be a good idea to have some formal evidence of my ability and skills. I enjoyed the process because it was quick and it got me going through a ton of images I had collected of previous jobs I’d completed and reflecting on my skills.

Malcolm Proud“The thing I enjoy most about the job is that after hours on your knees laying the floor, standing back and seeing an extremely usable floor, ready for whatever comes its way, and one which will still be there for years to come, is highly satisfying. Now I’m proud to call myself a qualified professional and that’s a big plus for my employer too,” says Malcolm.

BCITO's ERP process recognises existing skills and experience. It’s perfect for those who have worked in the industry for a few years.

If this sounds like you, or if you’re operating a switched-on business eager to get your staff formally qualified, please contact us on 0800 422 486 to find out everything you need to know to get started on your path to becoming a qualified professional resin flooring applicator.

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