Resin applicators in a unique position

Industry intelligence says there are approximately 300 Resin applicators across New Zealand. With 59 now qualified and 46 active learners, that means 105 or one-third of your industry's applicators have or are in the process of achieving the National Certificate in Resin Flooring.

This is a phenomenal achievement that puts your industry in a unique position leading the way in becoming the first industry to have more than 50% of its workers qualified. Industry training numbers have never been so high. On Friday, 13 November, active learners with BCITO tallied 16,083.

David Evans, Chair of the BCITO National Advisory Group, says, "If you're currently studying or thinking about enrolling in the National Certificate in Resin Flooring, then there never has been a better time than now.

"Suppliers and Federation members are advocates for education, applaud professional self-development, and want to ensure all Resin businesses are aware of all learning benefits, and this includes the government's funding and the great news is the National Certificate in Resin Flooring qualifies for the No Fees and the Employer Boost funding."

Since the No Fees funding launched on 1 July and through to 30 October, 4,833 persons have enrolled to study with BCITO.

Between the launch of the No Fees and Apprenticeship Boost initiative on the 1 July and 13 November, the government has contributed up to $684,000.00 to Resin employers and learners across NZ.

The No Fees campaign ends on 31 December 2022.

It makes good business sense to enroll yourself or your team to get their ticket. Training is an investment in your business and people. A high level of skills and knowledge is key to retention, and a motivated and engaged team that prepares and finishes better has to be a good thing.

Enrolments are open call BCITO 0800 422 386.

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