Tiling apprenticeship numbers up 43%

It has been a busy year for the tiling industry. Since January the number of apprentices in Tiling has risen from 86 to 123.

This is a record high for tiling numbers at BCITO and represents a 43% increase in active tiling apprentices. 

What’s led to this increase? 

The BCITO teams out on the road have been doing a great job talking to your industry about training. Nothing beats face-to-face engagement and this is our field team’s speciality. 

We have also been speaking to more experienced tilers, encouraging them to get their existing experience recognised through completing a qualification. For those with required prior experience, it can take under one year to complete a qualification. 

Building on our relationships with the industry’s supply and retail sector is also assisting growth. Our partners in this space have been helping us promote the benefits of formal qualifications and training to their networks. 

A brief reminder that BCITO’s Tiling Qualification/Apprenticeship is an eligible programme under the government’s Fees Free initiative. This means that if you meet the government’s criteria you could have your first two years of training fees paid for by the Government.

It has been a great year for the tiling trade. We are looking forward to building on the work we have done with you all this year to continue to grow the number of qualified people in the industry in 2020. 

If you or someone you know is keen to take on an apprentice, or get themselves qualified, please contact us on 0800 4 BCITO to get started.

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