Tiling National Advisory Group review

2020 has and continues to be a truly unique year. In these unprecedented times, it’s crucial that BCITO maintains a strong connection with the tiling industry. One of the main ways we do this is through our National Advisory Group or NAG for short.

This group features connected people from your industry that serve as your voice within the BCITO. Members give up their time to advise BCITO how we can best support the development a strong and well training tiling industry. Topics for discussion at each meeting vary depending on what is topical in the sector/BCITO at the time of the meeting, but may include BCITO qualifications, marketing, industry engagement, digital projects, workforce development planning just to name a few.

In November the Tiling NAG met in Wellington with the BCITO. Our previous meeting held in March was restricted to online video calls, as this was during the country’s first nationwide Level 4 lockdown. It was great to get the group back together around a physical table.

We would like to share with you some of the key talking points from our meeting:

COVID-19’s Impact on the Industry

COVID-19 was a significant talking point at our last Tiling NAG meeting. There was uncertainty and concern regarding the economic impact of COVID-19 would have on the sector. They felt that most tilers around the country had a few months’ work ahead of them post lockdown, but after that period it was anyone’s guess what the market would do. NAG members felt that if there was a downturn in the economy that companies that train may be able to stay competitive by advertising that they have qualified staff and train apprentices.

NAG members reported that the industry is busy throughout the regions. Members correctly predicted in March the upward trend in the industry post lockdown. They thought that New Zealanders spending a lot of time in their homes during lockdown would result in an increase in demand for renovation work. This trend would also be driven by people having more disposable income to put toward these projects rather than spending on overseas holidays. At the November meeting, NAG members agreed that they have been seeing this trend in action during the months after lockdown. The outlook for the future of the industry seemed very positive, as company workloads remain strong. Members noted some concerns for the future with regard to the industry’s international supply chains and the increasing difficulty they are facing bringing products into the country.

Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE)

The Reform of Vocational Education is a government lead change aimed to create a strong, unified, sustainable vocational education systems that is fit for the future of work and delivers the skills that learners, employers and communities need to thrive. NAG members were given an update on the current state of RoVE. Learn more about this.

Apprenticeship Boost and TTAF/No Fees Schemes

Members spoke of the significant uncertainty in the sector last time we met during the March lockdown. However, we were all aware of the impacts on training a recession would bring. During the GFC while the construction workforce shrank by 8%, apprenticeships fell by 32%. BCITO sought Government support to avoid this same outcome happening. Their response was the launch of the Apprentice Boost and TTAF/No Fees schemes. The impact of these has been immediate and significant for the tiling industry.

  • 112 tiling apprentices have signed into their BCITO qualification between July and the end of October.
  • 39 tiling companies that are new to training apprentices have signed up with BCITO.


The NAG was advised that the BCITO had concluded the review of the New Zealand Certificate in Trowel Trades (including Floor and Wall Tiling). The qualification has been resubmitted to NZQA for re-approval. Next year the specifications, standards, and materials associated with the qualification will be reviewed to ensure they are current with industry practice.


NAG members were shown BCITO's new employer marketing campaign: Built By You. Key messages from the campaign are:

As part of one of the largest sectors in New Zealand, your business is involved in building exactly what this country needs - strong, thriving communities. Through training, you are helping people reach their goals, become skilled workers and realise their dreams. Mentoring and inspiring future leaders will contribute to New Zealand’s economic recovery. Be proud to say our country is BUILT BY YOU!

For more information, visit BuiltByYou.nz

Digital – myBCITO for apprentices

NAG members were given a demo and update on myBCITO – our new digital platform for apprentices. This gives apprentices online access to their learning materials and links to third party content. BCITO have also developed a range of self-assessment content designed to provide instant feedback to learners about their knowledge around key topics. myBCITO is in the process of being rolled out to tiling apprentices along with new content.

If you would like to know more about BCITO’s National Advisory Groups you can contact me on 0274799809, or email [email protected]

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