The tipping point

A new study about the power of committed minorities to shift thinking offers some surprising possible answers. Published last year in Science, the paper describes an online experiment. 

Researchers sought to determine what percentage of the total population a minority needs in order to reach the critical number necessary to reverse a majority viewpoint. The tipping point they found is 25 per cent.

With approximately 300 resin applicators across New Zealand, 23 of those formally qualified and 38 currently in training, we are 5 per cent short of reaching a critical mass to tip those not yet ticketed to enrol and become qualified.

Based on track records we’re anticipating to tip the balance by 2020 when the New Zealand resin industry will be uniquely positioned to have a well-represented percentage of qualified applicators.  

For your next team toolbox, did you know

  • You can get qualified easily if you have existing experience?
  • We'll asses your current skills and knowledge against the requirements of the specific Resin Flooring qualification
  • Fees Free is not just for apprentices - if you're an eligible person it may be free for you too.  
  • You’re guaranteed one-on-one support with a dedicated BCITO Training Advisor

Having a fully qualified team of professionals is good for your team culture and bottom line.  If you’re yet to put your team through their qualification – it’s been proven that having workers with high trade skill flows through to increased revenues, reduced rework, wastage and related costs, and therefore higher profits.

A formal training programme can both raise the level of your peoples' skill set as well as accelerate the rate at which proficiency is gained.  If you’re in doubt, try out the Resin industry return on investment calculator.

A question for 2020 - Will the business you work for or own step it up and join the rest of your industry in celebrating your position as an industry leader of qualified professionals? 

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