#tradesforme a valuable experience for future tradies

#tradesforme was a two-day event hosted by BCITO that brought together 430 students from 34 different schools all over Auckland to give them a hands-on experience of what it’s like to work within the construction industry. 

Twelve BCITO trades were represented across 15 different workstations. The students were split into groups and spent 40 minutes at five of the different workstations over the course of the day. Each workstation was managed by a combination of experienced tradespeople and our own staff who were practitioners of that particular trade. They were tasked with guiding the students through the activities and informing them about the apprenticeship options available.   

There were two stalls dedicated to the painting and decorating industry which highlighted a variety of skill sets and job tasks performed within the sector. BCITO staff managed a booth where students were able to use spray units. These units were filled with water for health and safety reasons, but the activity gave the students a feel for how they perform. Aspiring Walls gave their time and resources to run another stall at #Tradesforme, which set students the task of hanging wallpaper. 

There were two stalls dedicated to the flooring industry that highlighted a variety of skills sets and job tasks performed within the sector. Carpet Court gave their time and resources to supply a stall which gave set students the task of stretching carpet. We also had the help of Forte Flooring who provided the materials needed for the students to get hands-on experience installing timber flooring. A great outcome from this is that one student was able to gain a timber flooring apprenticeship because of the experience and contacts they gathered at the event. 

There was a specific stall dedicated to the tiling industry that highlighted some of the intricacies of the trade to the students. The industry was on full display with the help of CBA Tiling and its owner and manager Josh Prangell. The activity saw the students placing tiles in a mock shower basin in a variety of different patterns. Successful students had a keen eye for detail, making sure that their lines were straight and evenly spaced.

The feedback from #tradesforme was overwhelmingly positive from the schools involved. Many students commented that #tradesforme had opened their eyes to the vast potential careers on offer to them in the construction industry. It was particularly great for BCITO to be able to work together with the twelve industry sectors attending to showcase the professional careers available to young career seekers.  

We sincerely thank all businesses who partnered with us to make #tradesforme such a valuable experience for all attendees.

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