Workforce Development Plans 2016

The construction industry is reaching crisis point.  Demand is high and we don't have enough people to keep up.  If we don't take collective action now, there is a real risk that the sector will not be able to meet future demand.

To meet demand we need 35,000 new workers to join the building and construction industry during the next five years. We also need to more than double the number of apprentices we train.

To tackle these challenges, BCITO is leading a significant Workforce Development project. The project aims to support construction industry businesses and employers to develop a workforce that has the capability and capacity to meet current and future needs.

We’ve undertaken considerable industry consultation and have identified three key areas to focus on to help industry develop the workforce:

  • Getting the right workforce
  • Running businesses effectively
  • Developing skills and valuing qualifications.

Each sector of the industry needs to respond to workforce challenges in a way that works best in a unique sector context. To assist we’ve created Workforce Development Plans for each of the 17 trade sectors under BCITO’s coverage. Each plan outlines the challenges a particular sector faces and the key ways a sector can respond to these challenges. The plans also include detailed themes and highlight actions that will make change happen.

While BCITO is leading this project, the Workforce Development Plans represent a shared commitment from associations, employers, industry partners and BCITO. We are all committed to work together and take action now to develop a workforce that best meets current and future needs.

In addition to the sector-specific actions in each plan, the industry and BCITO will jointly undertake a number of overarching actions in 2017. We believe these will have a significant impact on all parts of the building and construction industry.

A copy of the relevant Workforce Development Plan has been mailed to each employer who is actively training apprentices. You can also read them online here.

View BCITO's Workforce Development Plan for your sector

If you would like to talk to someone at BCITO about developing your workforce, email us at [email protected]

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