Suicide watch

Site Safe has published the first-ever report on suicide in the construction sector.

The study reviewed 300 coroners closed case files of suicides of people who work in the construction industry which occurred between 2007 to 2017. Coroners’ reports listed workplace pressures as a factor in nearly a third (32.3%) of all cases.

The workplace pressures mentioned in coroners’ reports included: job insecurity or uncertainty, the stress related to running a business, the pressure to deliver under deadlines, juggling responsibilities and dealing with an injury or illness affecting the ability to work.

  • One in eight (13%) of all cases listing workplace pressures included experiences of job insecurity or uncertain work situation.
  • Notably, people who were self-employed or business owners (11.3% of all cases) were twice as likely to have been impacted by work-related factors than employees of businesses.
The purpose of the research report is to help industry, government, and the wider public understand the risk factors and pressures that can contribute to suicide in the construction industry so that they can better respond to them.

Read the report now.

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