BCITO Strategic Workforce Development Framework

BCITO's Strategic Workforce Development Framework will help Construction Industry businesses and employers to develop strategies that support their mid-to-long-term business plans and the sustainable development of a better-skilled workforce.

To combat the shortage of new recruits and skills the construction industry is facing in coming years, Hon Dr Nick Smith, Minister for Building and Housing, formally launched the BCITO Strategic Development Workforce Framework at the BCITO Skills Summit in 2016. This is a major focus for BCITO which will help construction industry businesses and employers develop strategies that support their business plans and the sustainable development of a better-skilled workforce. It also outlines BCITO’s strategic goals in relation to workforce development.

BCITO’s Strategic Workforce Development Framework is designed to assist employers to:

  • Build an accurate picture of the current skills and capabilities of their workforce.
  • Identify future requirements for their workforce and the desired outcomes they wish to achieve.
  • Develop strategies to address gaps between the current status of their workforce and desired outcomes.
  • Consider and understand the impact business strategy has on workforce development.

An initial generic launch document was just the first step in an ongoing process to help skills-proof our industry. 

In 2016, BCITO engaged employers with a sector-specific plan for their particular trade. 

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