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Terms & conditions of use

We trust you will take care of our brand presence as carefully as you do your own brand — they’re both valuable assets.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before agreeing so you know what your responsibilities are when displaying the BCITO mark.

I agree:

That BCITO may hold my details on a register of businesses and individuals who hold the mark and BCITO may use your information to market other initiatives to you and also to undertake audits of, or research about, how the BCITO mark is being displayed publicly.

To only display the BCITO mark on the following list of business-associated items and nowhere else:

  • Company website
  • Stationery — letterhead and business cards
  • Vehicle decals
  • Advertising in print and online
  • Site signage
  • Workwear

Not to distribute the BCITO mark to any third party except a supplier of creative in order to produce business-related advertising and collateral material for my own purposes.

To display the BCITO mark according to specifications included in BCITO’s Style Guide included with the download.

Not to use or display the BCITO mark in any way that is likely to dilute, defame, disparage or harm the reputation of BCITO or the industry.

BCITO reserves the right to revoke the use of its mark and branding at any time, for any reason as deemed appropriate by BCITO and its management. This could occur if my or my business’s actions bring the BCITO mark and brand into disrepute.

BCITO will publicly distance itself from any person or business that brings the BCITO mark and brand into disrepute.

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